Powering Your Workshops: Making Science Move Faster in the Real World and in a Learning Setting

Code Ocean Partner Workshops

Workshops have become an essential part of education, training, and professional development. At Code Ocean, we’ve partnered with educational institutions and our clients on workshops that help accelerate the learning process for universities, research institutions, and businesses alike.

The partner workshops we’ve co-hosted provide a hands-on, interactive learning experience for participants, helping them to understand complex concepts better and apply them in real-world scenarios.

The Yale Biotech Club’s Datathon held last November involved a hackathon-style setting for students who worked in interdisciplinary teams to generate insights from clinically relevant data. All teams used the same multi-omic Inflammatory Bowel Disorder and Colon Cancer datasets and had 24-hours to identify treatment targets. Each team designed their own data analysis and visualization approaches and found solutions ranging from genetic biomarkers to promising drug candidates. It was inspiring to see how much was accomplished in 24-hours and how differently each group approached the problem.

Yale Datathon

In January, the Allen Institute held a half-day seminar at the Center for Neurotechnology, University of Washington where neuroscientists learned about the data being collected and the research being done at the Allen Institute for Neural Dynamics. Attendees created their own copies of an interactive notebook that they used to explore mouse electrophysiology data as well as the analysis methods used by the institute to understand how brain activity drives behavior. 

Participants of the Allen Institute Seminar

As part of these workshops, Code Ocean provides ready-to-go capsules, pipelines, and packages, so participants can get to work immediately and focus on the science. There’s also a shared compute environment and resources on an AWS cluster, making it easier for participants to run complex analyses and generate visualizations to share their findings. Throughout the workshops, Code Ocean helps out with in-person training and support, and we introduce and teach participants how to get the most out of their resources. 

By providing a centralized environment for researchers to create, share, and execute their research code and data, Code Ocean has made it easier for our clients and partners to provide an efficient and effective learning experience for their workshop participants.

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