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February 17, 2023

Code Ocean and Nature Portfolio Join Forces

Today, Code Ocean announced some exciting news. We’ve teamed up with Nature Portfolio to launch the Nature Portfolio-Code Ocean Open Science Library.

This library contains a curated collection of research software published by authors in popular Nature journals, including Nature Methods, Nature Biotechnology, Nature Computational Science, and Nature Machine Intelligence. And the best part? You can access the library for free by setting up an account at

Life science researchers are all too familiar with the rapidly growing amount of data and computational software that is not immediately reproducible and usable for future research. It’s no surprise that more than 70% of computational research is non-reproducible (according to an analysis by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences). That’s where Code Ocean comes in.

Code Ocean makes it easier for researchers to collaborate and work more efficiently through the use of Compute Capsules. These Capsules create a software package with code, data, and computing environment, and automatically trace the path of research data. This makes each stage of computation fully reproducible and gives scientists a complete understanding of their discovery journey.

Nature Portfolio serves the research community by publishing its most significant discoveries, including primary research, reviews, critical comment, news, and analysis. Erika Pastrana, Editorial Director, Nature Portfolio, said, “We’re thrilled to partner with Code Ocean. This unique collection of journal Compute Capsules will enable readers to easily re-use code associated with our publications, and will support our authors to gain more visibility, boost the usage of their work, and ensure reproducibility.

Simon Adar, Co-founder and CEO of Code Ocean, agrees, “Code Ocean addresses the creative chaos inherent in computational science by providing one end-to-end platform for data and computational research in the wet and dry lab. Nature’s highly esteemed research authors publish the world’s cutting-edge computational research on the Open Science Library. This is open access to all researchers. With a library of ready-to-run research software, our joint offering will help to accelerate the speed and enhance the quality of life science research.”

Benjamin Haibe-Kains, Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Medical Biophysics Department at the University of Toronto, added: “If you have to recreate from scratch the analysis code or if you have issues running the provided code, it will likely be a labor-intensive, lengthy, and risky initiative. Code Ocean totally solves tracking and reproducing analysts for researchers and increases trust in the results.”

You can see and use the Nature-Code Ocean Open Science Library for yourself at

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