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Preservation plan

Published Compute Capsules are preserved through CLOCKSS

Transparency is an essential part of digital preservation. To ensure that information about preserved content is widely available, CLOCKSS participates in the Keepers Registry, run by EDINA at the University of Edinburgh. The Keepers Registry aggregates preservation information from participating preservation agencies and makes it available to the community.

For each publisher and title that CLOCKSS has committed to preserve, the Keepers Report shows what volumes are preserved in the CLOCKSS Archive, and which are in process. This report provides a clear picture of the CLOCKSS preservation workflow when the report was created.

There are currently 26,000 serials titles and 80,000 book titles preserved, in progress or committed for preservation by CLOCKSS. New reports are made available to the Keepers Registry on the first day of the month at around 12:00 UT.