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Get started with Code Ocean’s reproducible and traceable computational science platform.

Code Ocean provides a collaborative research platform in the cloud, ensuring reproducibility and traceability in computational science. Easily set up environments, provision compute resources, collaborate on analysis, and scale bioinformatic pipelines—all in one place.

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Code Ocean Computational Science Platform: An enterprise product for biotech organizations interested in computational science cloud solution. 

Academic Offering: You are responsible for a research lab at a university or research organization and have your own instance of AWS. The standard free offering is a self-service, allowing labs to manage their own instances. Additionally, labs have the option to add support and services, if needed.

Help with the Open Science Library: You need support in accessing, exploring and/or publishing your work through Code Ocean’s Open Science Library. Fastest way to get help is email


    What our customers say:

    Code Ocean's self-service capabilities makes it easy for our scientists to do their work reproducibly. New users to the platform can get far with just a little support, giving our engineers time to focus on domain-specific challenges.


    Dr. David Feng
    Director of Scientific Computing, The Allen Institute for Neural Dynamics

    What our customers say:

    The biggest win at Lantern is the pipeline we developed, and the value of Code Ocean was that it allowed the whole team to work together ... we were able to have a shared environment for collaboration.


    Peter Carr
    Principal Platform Architect, Lantern Pharma

    What our customers say:

    Code Ocean sped up our internal image pre-processing computational workflow by at least 10x, improving collaboration and productivity between our global teams across time zones and removing the need for complicated and painful cloud computing infrastructure set up.


    Dimitris Polychronopolous
    Director of In Silico Biology, Ochre Bio