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Code Ocean is a research collaboration platform.

We support researchers from the beginning of a project through publication. With direct access to cloud resources and reproducibility best practices built in, no extra software or hardware is needed.

Spend time on research, let us take care of the technology

Code Ocean brings together leading tools, languages, and environments to give researchers an end-to-end workflow geared towards reproducibility.

You can create, collaborate on, and run code for private projects using any open source language as well as MATLAB and Stata. You can submit to publish for free in academic journals.

Streamline your workflow

Use the Code Ocean development environment or write code in virtual versions of JupyterLab, RStudio, and terminal called Code Ocean Cloud Workstation. A Cloud Workstation permits you and your collaborators to work in an already familiar environment with all underlying technology dependencies, storage, and compute included.

Our suite of tools enables the creation and experimentation of code and data during a research project.

Make it reproducible

Share code and data alongside published articles to have workflows, algorithms, or analyses indexed by search engines, citable via DOI, and featured right next to the article. Uploading and publishing fully executable code and data is free for all researchers.

Users can view, edit, and run the article’s code using a web browser and the code is preserved for future use long after the article is published.

Published compute capsules are preserved with CLOCKSS.

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What people are saying

4yrs ago, @loraxorg told me we need to publish runnable code. @SimonAdar has built exactly that w/ @CodeOceanHQ.
Lenny Teytelman
.@pierre_montagan talking about reproducible code: even if code is open source, running it can be hard! Answer: @CodeOceanHQ #scidata17
Always happy to see @F1000Research representation. New partnerships with @CodeOceanHQ & @plotlygraphs to make research come alive. Glad to see #GatesOpenResearch and other institutions leading the way in Open Research. #OpenCon
Ashley Farley
Thank you for the continuous help! Code Ocean is such an awesome code platform.
Xiaowei Yue
PhD Candidate
Research can be reproduced, and even more importantly reused, by others with ease. This presents a unique opportunity to solve a long-standing problem facing the scientific community.
Thomas DeCarlo
Postdoctoral Research Associate
What a pleasure receive your mail and discover that you took the time to go through the code. I am really surprised by Code Ocean!
Matteo Maspero
PhD candidate
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