Faster, More Collaborative Computational Research

Achieve Higher Quality Discoveries With Code Ocean

Faster, More Collaborative Computational Research

Achieve Higher Quality Discoveries With Code Ocean

Where Great Computational Research is Created, Organized, and Shared

One place for an integrative computational research experience

Code Ocean is the best way to standardize research workflow, plus track and reproduce all computations and discoveries with:

  • Out-of-the-box popular computational tools
  • Easy access to any computing resource and data storage
  • Integrated collaboration and access control
  • Centralized repository to keep projects and results organized
Computational Research Cloud Platform
Computational Reproducibility

A unique experience powered by the Reproducible Capsule

The Code Ocean platform generates a standard, secure, and executable research package called a Capsule. The Code Ocean Capsule format is open, exportable, reproducible, and interoperable. Each capsule is versioned and contains code, data, environment, and the associated results.

How It Works

Compute Capsules greatly simplify all user tasks, execution, reuse, sharing, organization, and preservation. The impact frees researchers and drives teamwork forward in discovery.

Computational Research Cloud Platform

Solutions for the Community of Computational Research

Our community in academic research, leading publications, and companies each play a part in driving discoveries forward. We are dedicated to closing their technology gaps.

For Companies

For Companies

Computational biology and chemistry teams creating, executing, sharing, reusing computational analysis

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For Academia

For Academia

Academia community creating, executing, publishing, educating, and sharing research work

Explore/Publish Research
For Publishers

For Publishers

 Publishers verifying, publishing, and governing executable code and data embedded in published research

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Computational Research Lifecycle Benefits

Onboard Researchers

  • Fast and easy onboarding of project team members


  • Quickly execute and package code, data, environment, results


  • Setting up computational research environment
  • Integration with devops
  • Scaling infrastructure


  • Ready for collaboration internally and externally
  • Quickly share Capsules
  • Organize and search repository of results


  • Guarantee validation and reproducibility with no extra effort


  • Easily reuse projects and Capsules
  • Ability to leverage state-of-the-art community published capsules from leading publications
  • Increase the discovery impact from shared results


Optimize compute and other IT costs

Collaborate easily and confidently

Reduce wasted researcher time

Trusted tracking and reproducibility

Trusted By

Code Ocean customers and community enjoy faster, more collaborative, and higher quality discoveries.

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