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November 5, 2018

StataCorp LLC and Code Ocean partner to accelerate reproducible research with code

New York, New York, November 5, 2018

StataCorp and Code Ocean announce a partnership enabling researchers to share Stata software code on Code Ocean, a computational reproducibility platform for researchers to share, discover, and run code. StataCorp develops Stata, a complete, integrated software package that provides all of tools for data science needs—data manipulation, visualization, statistics, and programming.   Stata is used by researchers across a wide range of disciplines. The partnership makes code and data more accessible, so it is faster and easier to validate and extend findings from research.

Millions of researchers worldwide rely on Stata to write code, run statistical analyses and generate high-quality graphs. StataCorp’s partnership with Code Ocean allows the Stata user community to publish their code and data on the Code Ocean cloud-based platform so other researchers can more efficiently run and test the code and data directly from their personal computer, without having to recreate the computing environment.

Alan Riley, Vice President of Software Development, commented on the shared mission of making code and data available to researchers:

“Stata was designed from the beginning with reproducible research in mind.  We are pleased to see Code Ocean’s commitment to this and are happy to support their mission by making Stata available on the Code Ocean platform.  Researchers who use Stata in their work can publish their Stata code and datasets freely on Code Ocean, making it available to the research community as a whole.”

Code, algorithms, and statistical analysis are often essential to reproducing research results. By publishing Stata code on Code Ocean, researchers can streamline collaboration and may expedite more robust peer review of their code, statistical analysis, and graphics.

Simon Adar, CEO of Code Ocean reflected on the opportunity for the Stata user community which includes researchers in the biomedical, life, physical, and social sciences as well as information sciences, business and engineering:

“’It’s with good reason that Stata is so prevalent across so many fields. Researchers prize its ease-of-use, reliability, and computational speed. As Code Ocean works to support the full range of languages and workflows in scientific research, we’re grateful to partners like StataCorp who make this vision a reality.”

Stata is the latest language integrated into the Code Ocean platform which supports more than 11 programming languages commonly used in scientific computing, including MATLAB, Python, R, C/C++, Perl, Julia, and Java. When researchers share their Stata code on Code Ocean, other researchers can re-run, alter the code, and use alternative inputs to evaluate and build on the work more efficiently and therefore accelerate research. Code Ocean has also partnered with publishers, including IEEE, Nature Research, and Taylor & Francis to allow researchers to publish executable code alongside articles, easing the burden on both peer reviewers evaluating computational methods and authors seeking publication.

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