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November 14, 2023

Code Ocean Honored by the 2023 BioTech Breakthrough Awards

Named as QC Data Management Solution of the Year


NEW YORK, Nov. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Code Ocean, the world’s first Reproducible Research Cloud, today announced that it has been selected as a winner of the 2023 BioTech Breakthrough Awards in the category of “QC Data Management Solution of the Year.”

Code Ocean provides the first and only integrated library and workbench that guarantees reproducibility and speeds up discovery for life sciences, pharmaceutical, and biotech researchers. The Code Ocean digital lab provides a central place for researchers to share data and computational assets, and collaborate more quickly and effectively. Code Ocean preserves a record of all coding, data and software, maintaining complete visibility, lineage, and reproducibility.

“Code Ocean’s cloud-native platform for collaborative and trusted science guarantees reproducibility, automates access to tools and data, and speeds up discovery,” said Simon Adar, Co-founder and CEO, Code Ocean. “The platform brings together decision-makers, research IT, coding, and domain scientists in one collaborative space, and integrates with the existing software stack and infrastructure. It offers an important advantage to biotechs and pharma — it automatically traces the path of research data, mapping each step in a detailed lineage graph. Code Ocean’s provenance tracking provides full knowledge of the path the various science teams took during discovery, making each stage of computation fully reproducible with a single click.”

The mission of the annual BioTech Breakthrough Awards program is to honor excellence and recognize the creativity, hard work, and success of companies, technologies, and products within the field of biotechnology. The Biotech Breakthrough Awards aims to perform the most comprehensive evaluation of life sciences and biotechnology tools, services and companies today, with nominations coming in from the best and brightest biotechnology innovators around the world across a broad set of categories, including BioPharma, Genomics, Therapeutics, Immunology, BioAgriculture, BioIndustrial, Data & Analytics.

Code Ocean is a cloud-native research data and computing hub that serves all computational methods, including interactive analysis. By centralizing research data on a central platform for organizing the computational stage, Code Ocean unifies disparate groups, shares data and knowledge, and ensures the implementation of best practices. Code Ocean’s centralized platform tracks the path of research from raw data to results, boosting productivity for researchers and enabling them to focus on the science with a provable path. Code Ocean’s automated research platform guarantees the traceability and reproducibility of any result so scientific discoveries can be completely trusted by decision-makers. It provides visibility for IT/VP-level managers to clearly see the progress, and for C-level approvers, to understand how conclusions were reached.

“Code Ocean organizes the creative chaos inherent in computational science by providing one end-to-end platform for data and computational research in the wet and dry lab,” said Ram Dayan, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, of Code Ocean. “Our platform offers automation of best practices for data computation through an open platform with no vendor lock-in, meaning that it works with any Open Source language, API, data visualization tool, cloud computing/data source, computational package, and interactive development environment. Our Capsules offer exportable access to all levels of code and data, so all software, results, or methods are fully available outside Code Ocean.”

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About Code Ocean

Code Ocean solves the problem of creative chaos in scientific discoveries. It’s your digital lab for faster, trusted computational science — the first and only integrated science library and workbench that guarantees reproducibility and speeds up discovery. Bringing together decision-makers, research IT, coding, and domain scientists in one shared, collaborative space, it provides a single pane of glass delivering end-to-end visibility, traceability, and reusability. Code Ocean keeps all your data, results, development environments, pipelines, AI/ML, no-code applications, and visualizations in one place as connected data products.


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