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April 25, 2023

Code Ocean Introduces New Apps Library of Customizable Biotech and Life Sciences Applications

Providing code-free access to pre-vetted Code Ocean research Capsules, suite of ready-to-use tools, and best-in-class customer support

NEW YORK, April 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Code Ocean, the world’s first Reproducible Research Cloud, today introduces the Apps Library containing a wealth of customizable Open Source applications. With 30 pre-vetted Code Ocean Capsules available at launch, addressing biotech and life sciences topics such as Genomics, Variant Calling, Single Cell, and more.

The Code Ocean Apps Library provides code-free access to prioritized, pre-vetted content, a suite of ready-to-use tools, and best-in-class customer support. “Code Ocean is dedicated to providing new ways for scientists to jumpstart research without having to duplicate steps on IT setup or coding,” said Simon Adar, Co-founder and CEO, Code Ocean. “We’ve identified the most desirable analysis types across our customer base and decided to create a curated ready-to-go extensive collection in bioinformatics. With our new Apps Library, Code Ocean is offering some of the most useful open source tools as out-of-the-box applications. Using these research capsules, which have been carefully reviewed and verified by the Code Ocean’s Science Support Teams, will significantly reduce the time and effort required to perform analyses. One of the unique properties of the Apps Library is that scientists can modify and customize this collection to their specific needs.”

“Code Ocean is dedicated to providing new ways for scientists to jumpstart research without having to duplicate steps.”

Originating from open source the new curated Apps library content will be open source for everyone to use. Code Ocean’s customer base will have an added value that they will be able to use pipelines, analysis and visualizations with a single click in a secure environment on their private data and make any private changes and customizations to their own needs.

At launch, the Code Ocean Apps Library will contain applications relating to many fields of biotechnology, including:

  • Alphafold: Uses machine learning to do predictive protein folding. It can be launched on an AWS Titan EC2 instance with the click of a button.
  • ShinyCell: Provides interactive visualization for single-cell results.
  • DECIMER 2.0: Uses machine learning to translate images of chemical compounds to the SMILES data format.
  • BWA, Star, Picard, and other genomics utilities.
“All of these applications can run seamlessly on the cloud from a user-friendly interface which exposes common parameters and inputs,” said June Snedecor, Head of Application Science, Code Ocean. “The Code Ocean Apps Library will be continuously maintained and updated with new applications and topics over the course of coming weeks and months.”

Click here to see Apps in action.

About Code Ocean

Code Ocean makes science move faster by empowering research teams with a platform that is the central hub for research data and computational assets. Code Ocean provides a standards-based environment that organizes and controls the creative chaos, allowing researchers to collaborate more quickly, seamlessly, and effectively by preserving a record of the data and code of every result. The outcome is complete trust in your results: visibility, lineage, and exact reproducibility of every computational experiment. For more information, please visit

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