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August 18, 2022

Code Ocean Announces Game Changing Automated Pipeline Builder to Seamlessly Connect Multiple Process Modules for Computational Science Experiments

Visual Pipeline Builder Simplifies Creation and Sharing of Complex Workflows with No Code Required


New York, NY – August 18, 2022 – Code Ocean, the developer of a novel computational research laboratory in the cloud, today announced Visual Pipeline Builder, an automated pipeline tool that allows researchers across scientific disciplines to rapidly connect multiple process modules in Code Ocean’s computational environment. This tool has game-changing potential for research in genetics and other fields by eliminating manual Nextflow scripting with a simple drag-and-drop interface that automates the authoring of complex workflows. With no code required, any collaborator can use Visual Pipeline Builder for significantly more efficient research, including the ability to readily swap modules or adjust parameters within individual capsules if a different methodology is needed at any step.

“Code Ocean continues to innovate on our Computational Lab to accelerate scientific research and ultimately improve future outcomes for human health,” said Simon Adar, Co-founder and CEO, Code Ocean. “Traditionally, scientists must hand-write scripts to launch complex, parallel analysis in the cloud. The Visual Pipeline Builder creates an HPC experience in the cloud with a simple, graphical interface. We’ve created another element to automate cloud and computing technologies to open the power of the cloud and large scale, parallel computing for scientists.”

Researchers need not have expertise in Nextflow or AWS Batch, for example, rather they can easily create Code Ocean Compute Capsules®, then ‘wire’ them together in a seamless manner. Code Ocean is freeing-up researchers to focus on science, rather than requiring tangential expertise that distracts from their core discovery goals, and wastes valuable time. 

RNAseq Pipeline Webinar 

On August 25, Frank Zappulla, Code Ocean’s Head of Scientific Computing, will demonstrate an RNAseq workflow implemented in a Code Ocean pipeline, from raw reads to counts matrix using FastQC, Cutadapt, Trim Galore, and STAR. He’ll show how pipelines make this complex analysis easy to organize, configure, and adjust, with sequentially connected data assets and capsules with easily-managed compute resources.

Visit RNAseq Pipeline Webinar to register for the event on Thursday, August 25 at noon EST.

Today’s news represents continued momentum for the company, which recently announced the Open Science Library (OSL), a free research site for publishing and replicating computational research from some of the world’s leading journals and by independent researchers. The OSL contains more than 3,000 published computational experiments that can be launched on Amazon Web Services (AWS), duplicated for further research, or fully exported to run on a local computing environment. Code Ocean also announced Release 2.0 of the company’s Computational Lab, the new digital lab for computational scientists. With Release 2.0, computational scientists can create, organize and share computational research in a streamlined and automated lab. With strong adoption in bio-pharma, the Code Ocean digital lab has proven its value in accelerating science and reducing the cost of research.

Code Ocean is currently hiring for all positions in engineering, science, marketing and sales. For more information, please visit

About Code Ocean 

Code Ocean is where great computational science is created, organized and shared in one place. The Code Ocean platform provides the best way for multidisciplinary scientists to standardize workflows, and to track and reproduce all computations and discoveries. By making it easier and more efficient for scientists to collaborate, Code Ocean improves reproducibility, optimizes return on IT investment, and saves time by automating repetitive functions. For more information please visit: and Twitter @CodeOceanHQ.


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