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November 9, 2020

American Association for Cancer Research Journals Integrate Code Ocean to Help Improve Research Reproducibility

New York, NY, May 28th

Code Ocean, a computational reproducibility platform, is pleased to announce that the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), the largest professional organization related to cancer research, will integrate Code Ocean into the AACR journals platform.

Code Ocean enables authors to share fully functional and executable code accompanying their articles and to allow readers to re-run the analysis in the cloud and reproduce the results, bypassing the need to install the software. Authors upload their software code, with either test or actual raw data, to the Code Ocean online software environment. Code Ocean then verifies the code and, once the article is published, allows others to easily run, edit, and reuse the code from any web browser.

“The integration of Code Ocean into the journal platform will increase the impact of the AACR journals by allowing researchers to deposit their code and data essential to reproducing research results,” said Christine Battle, Publisher and Vice President, Scientific Publications at the AACR.  “The mission of all AACR journals is to publish robust, hypothesis-driven science in order to further our knowledge of cancer while promoting rigor and reproducibility.”

“It is an honor to be working with the AACR, a leader in cancer research.  The integration of Code Ocean into the AACR journals platform furthers our mission to make computational research easier, more collaborative, and durable. Computational biology and bioinformatics are fast becoming a critical area of importance and are a focus for Code Ocean as funders’ requirements demand more transparency.” said Simon Adar, CEO and Co-founder of Code Ocean.

The AACR will deploy Code Ocean across all nine of the AACR journals on May 21, 2020. Within the manuscript submission process via the AACR’s implementation of the EJPress online submission and peer review system authors will be invited to submit their code, creating an efficient way to associate these first-class research objects with their manuscript.  Upon publication of the code, Code Ocean generates a citable Digital Object Identifier (DOI) to increase author attribution of code as part of their publication record; reviewers and other readers of the submitted manuscript will be able reproduce for themselves, using the Code Ocean online software environment, the computational analyses reported by the authors in their manuscript.

For more information, contact: 
Pierre Montagano, Director of Business Development, Code Ocean +1 215 460 8344



The AACR is the largest professional organization dedicated to advancing cancer research and its mission to prevent and cure all cancers. The organization was founded in 1907, and its membership includes more than 47,000 laboratory, translational, and clinical researchers; population scientists; other healthcare professionals; and patient advocates residing in 127 countries.


Code Ocean is a cloud-based computational reproducibility platform that provides researchers in academia and biopharma with an easy way to develop, share, and run code. Code Ocean streamlines computational research with an integrated management platform so researchers can start projects (called compute capsules) faster, can collaborate easily and don’t have to worry about computing resources. Once published, compute capsules are preserved for reproducibility, data provenance and reuse.

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