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Automated Pipelines: A Simple Solution to Complex Workflows

Your computational research is complex enough. Isn’t there a way to make the process more simple?

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Yes, there is! With the Code Ocean automated pipeline tool, you can connect multiple coding modules (Compute Capsules) on the Code Ocean platform in a drag-and-drop interface that any collaborator can use. No code required!
Straight from the Code Ocean digital lab of open, exportable, reproducible, and interoperable science, pipelines let you easily create and share complex workflows for your organization.

You’ll see how to:

  • Seamlessly swap modules or adjust parameters within individual Capsules at any step a different methodology is needed
  • Automatically generate Nextflow scripts for each pipeline, making external sharing easy
  • Implement an RNA-seq workflow in a Code Ocean pipeline, from raw reads to counts matrix using FastQC, Cutadapt, Trim Galore, and STAR
  • Make complex analysis easy to organize, configure, and adjust
  • And more!

Our Speaker

Frank Zappulla, Head of Scientific Computing

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