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“What I love about Code Ocean is how the platform facilitates more seamless collaboration and awareness of what our different groups are doing and how it is better wired together, throughout the company.”

Eric Schadt, PhD​, Founder and CEO​, Sema4

Streamline all computational drug discovery experiences

Computational biology and bioinformatics researchers are continuously preparing and analyzing data, organizing computational models and results, and sharing discoveries.

  • Provide a common foundation for the entire research team 
  • Configurable computational workbench tools, packages, and user environment

  • Secure, centralized asset repository for sharing results

  • Streamlined team collaboration and access control

  • Easy access to compute, storage, and data

Computational Biologists share expertise in web apps

Computational biologists share expertise using no-code, guided analysis applications delivered to bench scientists for further interactive exploration and analysis.

  • Expert analysis apps, streamlines workflow for Scientists
  • Quickly generate web applications guided by researcher workflow & analysis

  • No coding skills required

  • No IT skills required to configuring environments

Efficient data workflow, collaboration, and asset management

BioInformatics engineers efficiently prepare, provision and secure access to large amounts lab data as computational assets.

  • Create a private, secure hub to catalog project assets
  • Use popular data prep and management tools
  • Create a repository of available data assets

  • Configuring secure research data environments

  • Streamline and organize assets by targets

IT can automate researcher provisioning in a secure VPC platform

Discovery IT engineers can provision a secure researcher environment and deployment of all required compute, storage, and computational tools.

  • Standardize infrastructure usage and cost optimization

  • Comply with secure deployments

  • Centrally configure environments and cloud ops

  • F.A.I.R Data Principals

IP is governed by reproducible Compute Capsules

Discovery organizations evolve from siloed groups into a trusted pipeline of expertise, assets, and results governed by increased visibility, trust, and control.

  • Track, preserve, and govern the research intellectual proprietary
  • Provides computational reproducibility

  • Consistent analysis experience

  • Secure asset management

Improve your computational research quality and productivity

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