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Get Started on the Nature Portfolio and Code Ocean Open Science Library

Learn how to get started and get answers to frequently asked questions about the Nature Portfolio and Code Ocean collaboration.


Enabling Open Science and Reproducibility with Nature Portfolio and Code Ocean

Nature Portfolio and Code Ocean have partnered to bring authors a unique open science and reproducibility tool that goes beyond the traditional publishing experience.

Why use the Open Science Library?

  • Increase Your Exposure: Link your code to your published article to get discovered faster and increase citations.
  • Facilitate Reproducibility: Provide readers with easy access to your executable code.
  • Share and Collaborate: Share a working copy of the code with collaborators, coauthors, and reviewers.

What Can I Find?

You will find computational research from Nature Portfolio journals — a collection of the world’s leading multidisciplinary research journals. Browse leading research, links to data sources,  science tools, and valuable, curated Capsules spanning key Nature journals, including:

  • Nature Computational Science
  • Nature Biotechnology
  • Nature Microbiology
  • Nature Methods
  • Nature Machine Intelligence
  • And More! 

What is a "Capsule"?

A Compute Capsule unifies all elements of a computational experiment: code, data, environment, cloud resources, and results. The Capsule tracks each element of a computational experiment to ensure full traceability and reproducibility of any experimental result so that you can trust your results, every time.


  • Environment: Environment defines all of the components that the code needs to run, such as operating system (e.g., Linux), compute power (e.g., CPU or GPU), memory, versioned dependencies, and security settings.
  • Code: Code Ocean supports common languages, including Python, R, Matlab, C, and more. The code is managed by version control (git) ensuring that an experiment always runs with the right version of the code.

  • Data: Data is the version, format, and location that the code requires so that the experiment can be reproduced.

How Do I Get Started?

You can immediately start browsing the expansive library of Capsules associated with Nature Portfolio at the Nature Portfolio and Code Ocean Open Science Library. If you would like to run a Capsule of interest, or get started with creating your own, sign up now.

How Can I Request a Nature Capsule?

If you see a Nature article that does not have an accompanying Capsule, let us know at We will put in a request and do our best to get a Capsule created.

How Can I Get More Compute Space?

If you would like to run your capsules at scale, and unlock further functionality — including Code Ocean’s Visual Pipeline Builder — please Request a Demo of Code Ocean’s enterprise solution. A sales representative will be in touch.