White Paper: Best Practices for Managing the Creative Chaos in Scientific Research

In this downloadable white paper, teams will learn why cloud and hybrid adoption in computing infrastructure can help users effectively employ scientific data for breakthrough research.  

Download now and gain valuable insight into five ways teams can attain smoother collaboration and make science move faster.   


How a Visual Pipeline Tool Radically Simplifies Building a Bulk RNA-Seq

In this downloadable guide, teams will learn about how Code Ocean’s Visual Pipeline Builder makes parallel computing accessible to any researcher.

Learn why visual editing is key to simplifying pipeline building and how to get started with Code Ocean’s Visual Pipeline Builder.  


How Organizations Solve the Reproducibility Challenge

In this downloadable guide, computational research teams will learn more about reproducibility and why it matters now, more than ever.

Learn about Code Ocean’s effective solutions for increasing efficiency and reproducing research results. You’ll also gain access to case study examples of how organizations are solving the reproducibility challenge currently.


Single-cell RNA-Seq: How to Expand and Improve Your Computational Research Capabilities

In this downloadable guide, computational biology teams will learn more about how to simplify and improve single-cell RNA-seq research.

Learn about common challenges with single-cell RNA-Seq research and how to get started with Code Ocean capsules using the Shiny Cell Workstation.

Additional Resources


Three Cornerstones of High-Throughput Collaboration

Guide to High-Performance Computational Research Teams

This eBook will analyze the three cornerstones that support high-throughput collaborations: Shareability, Traceability, and Reproducibility.

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