The Code Ocean Platform

One Place for an Integrative Computational Research Experience

Faster User Experience and Workflow

  • The Code Ocean Platform
  • The Code Ocean Platform
  • The Code Ocean Platform
  • The Code Ocean Platform
  • The Code Ocean Platform

The Code Ocean Computational Workbench speeds usability, coding and data tool integration, and devops and lifecycle tasks by closing technology gaps with a highly intuitive, ready-to-use user experience.

  • Ready-to-use RStudio, Jupyter, Shiny, Terminal, Git
  • Choice of popular languages
  • Access to any size of data and storage type
  • Configure and generate Docker environments
  • One-click access to AWS compute resources

No-Code Collaborative Analysis

Using the Code Ocean Computational Workbench App Panel researchers share results by generating and publishing easy to use, point-n-click, web analysis apps to teams of scientists without any IT, coding, or using the command line.

  • Create and deploy interactive analysis
  • Used in standard web browsers
  • Easy to share and collaborate
  • Reuseable, easy to manage
  • The Code Ocean Platform

Invite Collaborators and Share Assets

  • The Code Ocean Platform
  • The Code Ocean Platform
  • The Code Ocean Platform
  • The Code Ocean Platform

The Code Ocean Hub is a private foundation for “FAIRifying” all computational research project assets.  Offering an easy-to-use application and repository researchers can quickly organize, publish, and secure project-based Compute Capsules, data assets, and research results.

  • Share and reuse Compute Capsules, data, and results
  • Role-based, secure repository
  • Integrated Git and any service like GitHub
  • Architected for FAIR Principles

Reuse 1000’s of Public Research Capsules

Code Ocean hosts an open, Public Capsule Repository for storing discoveries from the global community of computational research. Individual researchers publish and have access to thousands of research results organized and preserved for fast sharing and reuse.

  • Seamless navigation of project-based metadata, code, data, environment
  • Exportable with no lock-in
  • Verification for guaranteed reproducibility
  • Architected for FAIR Principles
  • Preservation with the CLOCKSS Network and DOI Minting
  • The Code Ocean Platform

Secure Cloud Deployment

  • The Code Ocean Platform

Code Ocean is deployed on the AWS cloud with a dedicated VPC in two availability zones with public and private subnets. The platform is used for self-service provisioning of all required AWS resources including autoscaling EC2 compute, S3 storage buckets with server-side encryption, and scheduling backups. With automated backups and available restore scripts, IT users can address disaster recovery requirements.

  • Provisions required AWS resources in client’s AWS account
  • Monitoring and reporting for usage tracking and analytics
  • Data governance control
  • Single Sign On (SSO)

Build pipelines with ready-to-use, code-free biotech applications

No coding expertise necessary–build pipelines with a graphical user interface (GUI). The Apps Library gives you access to more than 30 out-of-the-box applications, including Genomics, Variant Calling, Single Cell, and more.

  • The Code Ocean Platform
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