Webinar: AACR Journals – Code Ocean: A Tool to Support the Delivery of Reproducible Analysis

This webinar features Benjamin Haibe-Kains of University of Toronto discussing how Code Ocean allows for the inclusion of an executable instance of the code for peer review and publication


The complexity of cancer research data is causing researchers to rely on increasingly sophisticated analysis methods and the AACR is committed to transparency and reproducibility by facilitating and encouraging inclusion of the details of these analyses in peer review and published research. The AACR will now publish the analyses used to generate results that brought researchers to their conclusions facilitating greater insight and reuse of the researchers’ work.

This webinar will focus on a new submission workflow implemented by the AACR that uses Code Ocean to capture a self-contained executable compute capsule which includes the code, data, results, and run environment. This compute capsule included in the peer review process along with the article, provides substantial internal operational benefits to the research group itself and offers opportunities to provide updates on published results.

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