Meet the Leadership Team

Simon Adar
Co-Founder and CEO

Simon Adar is the co-founder and CEO of Code Ocean. He is a researcher turned entrepreneur who founded Code Ocean as part of his postdoc at Cornell-Tech, Cornell University. His background is in signal and image processing, hyperspectral imaging, and spectroscopy. During his PhD, Simon worked with the German Space Agency (DLR) and other research institutions around Europe. Simon is passionate about research, scientific innovation, and cloud computing.

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Ram Dayan
Co-Founder and CTO

Ram Dayan is the co-founder and CTO of Code Ocean. Together with a founding team, Ram built the Code Ocean platform using cutting edge technologies, bringing his vast 30+ years programming experience from diverse industry fields — from real-time data processing applications to advanced driver assistance systems. Prior to Code Ocean, he led software development at Picitup, developing various image processing applications, and at iOnRoad, where he developed an augmented driving mobile app, later acquired by Harman International. Previously, Ram was involved in various development projects, providing Agile project management and software design consultancy.

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Tarek Elhage
VP of Finance & Strategy

Tarek is responsible for overseeing all aspects of corporate development, financial reporting, forecasting/budgeting, accounting, fundraising, and investor relations. He brings 10+ years of experience in M&A, fundraising, FP&A, and strategy. Prior to Code Ocean, Tarek began his career in investment banking at JP Morgan, before pivoting to early to late stage startups. He has overseen +$200M business units, contributed to revenue growth from $4M to $70M, as well as managed numerous M&A and fundraising transactions.

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Shahar Frumkin
VP of Customer Success

Shahar is responsible for designing and leading Code Ocean’s customer success organization, which includes customer success management, training, enablement, and support. He brings 15+ years of experience in customer success, professional services, and operations. Prior to Code Ocean, Shahar worked at Profitect, Inc. where he grew the customer success team and processes at scale, from the ground up. Following acquisition by Zebra Technologies, Shahar designed and implemented processes across the global organization’s customer base while driving operational excellence, team collaboration, and high-levels of customer satisfaction. Shahar holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and management from Ben Gurion University and MBA from Brandeis University.

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Erez Giladi
VP of Research and Development

Erez is the VP of Research and Development at Code Ocean, overseeing all aspects of the company’s engineering operations, including end-to-end product development, customer support, employee engagement, and day-to-day management of the Israeli office. Prior to Code Ocean, Erez was the Director of Engineering at WalkMe, where he led a business unit responsible for web experience. Prior to WalkMe, Erez was a team leader at TradeTech (division of PlayTech) and part of the original team at Crossrider where his contribution led to the rapid growth of the company’s revenue and IPO (ROSS:AIM). Erez holds a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science. 

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Edita Vatenaite
VP of Marketing

Edita Vatenaite is responsible for Code Ocean’s marketing efforts, bringing her extensive experience from her previous role at Synthace where she championed innovation in lab automation. Prior to Synthace, she led product marketing at Ansys, an engineering simulation software company. With over 15 years of experience in B2B marketing, her expertise spans demand generation, brand development, PR, content, and digital strategy. Outside the office, Edita is passionate about culinary adventures, exploring architectural marvels by the beach, and honing her photography skills.

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Daniel Koster
VP of Product

Daniel oversees Code Ocean’s product strategy, internal interfaces, and client-facing activities. Previous achievements include the development of a deep learning platform for plant trait phenotyping and patented software for early detection of disease symptoms in plants. Daniel’s academic contributions include publications in single-molecule biophysics of topoisomerases, bacterial predator-prey dynamics on microfabricated habitats, and deep learning-based fruit detection in commercially relevant scenarios. He has two articles published on the cover of the esteemed journal Nature and over 1,200 citations. Daniel holds a PhD from Delft University of Technology and was a postdoctoral fellow at the Weizmann Institute of Science. Daniel is passionate about scientific innovation and playback theater.

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Jaime Stern
VP of Sales

As VP of Sales, Jaime brings unique experiences from his leadership roles managing high-performing teams across sales and operations departments. His background ranges from early-stage startups to multinational public corporations, as well as government and NGOs. Jaime has grown revenue across various industries including Healthcare, Education, Pharma, Medical Imaging, Micro-Finance, SaaS, and Mobile Technology. He has worked at, and traveled to, more than 85 countries, focusing on revenue and strategic planning, operational analysis, implementing new technology, coaching leaders, discovering new sales and marketing channels, and establishing exceptional customer service standards. 

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