Our mission is to make computational research a connected community that together drives for faster, more collaborative, higher quality discoveries.

Code Ocean is where great computational research is created, organized, and shared in one place. It is the best way for research teams to standardize research workflow, plus track and reproduce all computations and discoveries. Research and development organizations benefit from lower IT costs, automation to operationalize reproducibility, and saving wasted researcher and collaboration time.

Code Ocean - where great computational research is created, organized and shared. Standardize research workflow, track and reproduce all computations and discoveries.

It all started as part of Simon Adar’s postdoc at Cornell-Tech. Together with a founding team we built the technology that helps eliminate multiple roadblocks, particularly in trying to get other researchers’ code up and running. Rising from our own frustrations and the time we spent struggling with previous researchers’ code, we knew there had to be a better way.

Researchers develop algorithms, software simulations, and analysis in a wide variety of programming languages (and each language often has multiple versions, creating further compatibility issues). 

Code also depends on different files, packages, scripts, and installers in order to run properly, and getting all these pieces working is time-consuming and complicated.

We discovered that these “reuse” difficulties were part of a wider problem that many call the “Reproducibility Crisis” in science. Our realization that certain recently-developed technologies, properly used and adapted, could help address this crisis led to the founding of Code Ocean.

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