Publisher-ready, end-to-end solution to increase reproducible submissions

“Our integration with Code Ocean allows editors and reviewers to easily run submitted code so they may reproduce and examine the authors’ data analyses. This greatly increases the reproducibility of the published work and encourages others to build on it ”

Daniel Evanko, PhD, Director of Journals Operations & Systems, AACR

Publishers move beyond the static article without technology hassles

Reseachers can interact and build on scientific findings with confidence with a single platform.

  • Verified executable Compute Capsules alongside published research

  • Curating and preserving code and data

  • An API driven submission solution for code and data

  • Verification for computational reproducibility

Guides authors to submit a more complete article of record

Authors can now easily create and submit an interconnected research project.

  • Provides publishers with ready-to-use automation
  • Authors to effortlessly share computational code

  • Verification of the authors code for computational reproducibility.

  • Manage and curate these artifacts with proper metadata and a DOI

Showcase higher quality results

As a researcher you are more than just a collection of articles.  Automate critical use cases for publishers and leverage an open, secure environment for published research work

  • Operationalize submission, verification, and open collaboration
  • Receive a DOI for these first class research objects so recognition can be properly attributed.

  • Easily allow others to reproduce your findings without having to contact you or your team.

Ready to enhance and automate the submission workflow

Move beyond the static article and automate the verification of the reproducible results.  Integrate Code Ocean into your submissions process to curate a more complete article of record.

  • Connect executable code to the published article
  • Provides referees with access to a working instance of the code removing the burden of running the author analysis
  • Expose more of the research process to fellow researchers, enabling deeper and more dynamic engagement

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