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Professional tools for researchers.

Spend more time on your research; let us take care of the technology. Code Ocean is an end-to-end workflow platform geared towards reproducibility. Researchers can focus on their work instead of troubleshooting technology.

With Code Ocean you can

  • Interact with code and data using Jupyter, RStudio, terminal, and more;

  • Create, duplicate, and archive compute capsules for easy testing, peer review, and preservation;

  • Export or embed fully-functioning capsules to transfer, preserve, or showcase work.

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Join a growing network of researchers who are passionate about computational code, reproducibility, and replicability.

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More Features



  • Access all the tools needed to create, analyze, and publish computational research code without the need to install anything locally;

  • Integrated with JupyterLab for a simple and clear interface;

  • Onboard easily whether you have little previous knowledge or research experience, with advanced features for those with more comprehensive needs;

  • Support for more applications, including RStudio, terminal, and more;

  • Create Git repos with every compute capsule, allowing access to all Git functions via the Code Ocean interface.



  • Create a testing ground outside of an existing compute capsule to augment code and data and see the results in real time without needing to create a separate version;

  • Experiment with code in real time within an interactive environment of your choosing;

  • Sync changes back to your capsule when you are done with your session.



  • Embed executable code in any digital publication or website;

  • Take your work anywhere with fully exportable compute capsules from Code Ocean with the metadata, code, and – optionally – data packaged together;

  • Enable easy transfer of working data for security purposes or project-specific needs.