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Bring code to life in published research.

Increase your publication’s impact by allowing researchers to deposit their code, data, and all other dependencies essential to reproducing research results into a single self-contained compute capsule. Code Ocean is an open access platform for code and data. Authors retain the rights to the code and are required to choose an appropriate license. Code Ocean helps facilitate reuse and allow anyone to reproduce results directly from published research with a single click.
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With Code Ocean you can

  • Go beyond a static reading experience by embedding executable compute capsules alongside published content that readers can run, share, or test code at the click of a button;

  • Improve peer review by providing referees with an easy way to run the code and test for reproducibility;  

  • Preserve code, data, and the computing environment alongside published research.

More Features



  • Provide a turn key solution for integration through our publisher API and existing partnerships with submission systems and platform providers;

  • Integrate easily into your current workflow from submission to publication, including optional peer review components.

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