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Code Ocean gives researchers back time spent troubleshooting technology to focus on research.

Our cloud-based platform lowers the barriers for researchers to follow best practices of reproducibility. Researchers’ work is stored in compute capsules, preserving work for reuse today, tomorrow, or next year.

What is a compute capsule?

A compute capsule is an executable container that packages the code, data, and environment together, allowing researchers to run and reproduce work from any web browser without needing to install extra hardware or software.


For Researchers

  • Develop code and data using Jupyter, RStudio, terminal, and more;
  • Collaborate with others on compute capsules;
  • Publish compute capsules in a submission or article to share working code and data alongside your results.

For Institutions

  • Easily onboard and assist users with a robust admin panel in a single, easy-to-use interface;  
  • Allocate compute resources between individuals and labs, increasing flexibility for changing researcher demands;
  • Empower researchers with reporting that enables better understanding of researcher needs throughout the life of a project.

For Publishers

  • Embed executable compute capsules alongside published articles;
  • Upload code and data through integration for peer review and publication purposes;
  • Preserve executable code and data alongside published research for increased computational reproducibility.

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