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Life Sciences

Guaranteed computational reproducibility

Code Ocean powers a transformative boost in productivity and quality for computational research teams. Our cloud-based platform runs a collaborative workbench and secure repository that streamlines development operations and guarantees one of the most challenging goals of scientific work—reproducibility. The platform continuously captures the exact version of code, data, and compute environment that generated every result. It also automates all compute infrastructure tasks to let research teams focus on science and optimize computing costs.
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Integrated platform to accelerate computational research

How the Code Ocean platform works

Collaborative workbench interface handles all your computational tasks, while you use the development tools you love.

Compute capsules preserve your projects in their entirety, packaging data, code, environment, and results in a searchable repository.

Virtual private cloud keeps projects secure behind your own firewall, giving you complete control over data governance.

The platform automates your compute infrastructure operations to optimize use of tools, cloud compute, and storage resources.

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With the Code Ocean platform you can

  • Capture the exact version of code, data, and computing environment that generated every result

  • Create projects that are organized, accessible, and interoperable, making it easy to reuse and build upon previous work 

  • Start projects faster, and easily access exactly the needed computing resources, at optimized cost

Reuse an existing pipeline and get results using new data

Improve your computational research quality and productivity

Platform Capabilities

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Leverage publicly available compute capsules to build upon work shared with the Code Ocean community