Product Designer

About Code Ocean

The Code Ocean Product/Design Team is growing to include a new Product Designer—a well-rounded individual skilled at crafting thoughtful, audience-aware, and visually polished web-based product experiences.

This position is based in New York City, though we are open to considering strong remote candidates.

Our Problem Space

Have you heard of the reproducibility crisis? One of the biggest challenges facing scientists and researchers today is the inability to locate, set up, and run the original source code that produced the same results in published studies. Code Ocean set out in 2014 to tackle this problem, and to date we’ve built a world-class platform for sharing fully reproducible scientific code, used by authors in highly esteemed journals such as IEEE and Nature.

The next step in our mission is to revamp the entire research analysis workflow, starting with the moment a researcher writes their first line of code. The typical researcher’s coding workflow today is a confusing, fragmented process of using tools built for software developers (not scientists), cobbled together across multiple systems, with clunky, homegrown workarounds for tracking versions and collaborating with labmates. We want to make their work easier by building the world’s first cloud-based research platform to address the entire computational workflow, so researchers can focus on what they do best: discovering truths about how our world works—not debugging their workstation setup.

Job Responsibilities

  • Understand audience needs and business requirements at the outset of every project by working closely with the Chief Product Officer and Lead Experience Designer
  • Develop rough sketches & wireframes to convey early ideas, often in collaborative sketching sessions with interdisciplinary stakeholders from across the company.
  • Continue to evolve the best ideas into pixel-precise, high-fidelity mockups that showcase a solid understanding of layout, hierarchy, typography and color. (Our work primarily targets a desktop/web-based experience.)
  • Create clickable product flows and other design artifacts (for example: short clips to show animation), with the goal of clearly communicating intended product behavior to the development team
  • Stay in close touch with development team throughout the development process to ensure smooth, high-quality implementation of designs and address edge cases that arise, including travel to work directly with remote teams a few times a year.
  • Take ownership of and continue to develop and socialize our nascent design system
  • Contribute to defining product specifications in collaboration with the Chief Product Officer, such as thinking through scenarios, use cases, and the detailed business logic of the product
  • (Optional) Participate in evaluative user research by running remote or in-person usability tests, taking notes in interviews or fieldwork, and collaborating on synthesizing learnings


  • A portfolio with a minimum of 3 pieces of work demonstrating strong understanding of user-centered design principles and a refined visual language
  • Minimum 4 years of professional design experience, working either in-house or on a freelance/contract basis with product teams
  • Proficiency with popular contemporary interface design tools such as Sketch, Figma, InVision, and/or Framer
  • A disciplined, process-driven, and human-centered approach to design
  • A working knowledge of design systems
  • Insatiable intellectual curiosity, a willingness to grow and learn, and a propensity for asking “Why?” In particular, we’d love to have a strong desire to learn about the complex, challenging world of academic research—everything from researcher culture to the technical nuts-and-bolts of their computational workflows
  • Comfort with trying new things, failing, and throwing away even one’s most precious ideas if they don’t work. Along with that: the ability to take honest constructive feedback to heart, but never personally
  • A collaboration-focused mindset (at Code Ocean, no single person is the sole driver of an infallible vision; instead, we often arrive at solutions together through idea sharing, lively debate, and testing our hypotheses)
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills, adaptability to different communication methods (in person, remote, asynchronous) and a keen ability to translate between the languages of business, product, and engineering
  • Excellent time management and personal organization skills

Bonus Qualifications:

  • Familiarity with technical topics such as GPUs, Git version control and even containerization (e.g. Docker)
  • Experience working with remote, cross-cultural teams
  • Experience designing complex web-based software platforms

Because we are still a small team, our ideal candidate is a design generalist with a penchant for great visual design. That said, we know there are strong candidates who won’t fit everything we’ve described above, or who have important skills we haven’t yet considered. If that’s you, don’t hesitate to apply and tell us about yourself.

Working at Code Ocean

This is a full-time position with excellent benefits, including flexible work hours, LGBTQ-inclusive healthcare, a professional development stipend, and more. We are a tight-knit, partially remote team of dedicated, mission-driven people who enjoy solving complex and challenging problems, but also strive to maintain a healthy work/life balance.

Code Ocean is committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive work environment for all people, regardless of background, age or identity. Our team spans different cultures and backgrounds, and we believe our work is strengthened by a diversity of life experiences. We especially encourage members of communities underrepresented in tech to apply, including women, people of color, people who are LGBTQ, and people with disabilities.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, disability, national origin, protected veteran status, age, or any other status protected by applicable national, federal, state, or local law.

How to Apply

To apply, please email:

  • A short, 250 word statement about what draws you to Code Ocean
  • Your résumé, CV, or LinkedIn Profile
  • a link to your design portfolio

… to