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Empower researchers to do their best work.

Give researchers an umbrella of tools to do their work in one place. Code Ocean is a research collaboration platform powering the beginning of a project through publication.
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With Code Ocean you can

  • Provide advanced technology using a platform built on Docker technology, making research interoperable and portable and allowing uploads using any open source language as well as MATLAB and Stata;

  • Create Private Groups to give researchers and administrators within a working group visibility into all valued research, tools for collaboration, and a secure hub to protect up-to-date copies of working code and data;

  • Gain visibility with reporting to better understand researcher needs throughout the life of a project; 

  • Protect research assets with single sign-on security using one or multiple university credentials; 

  • Preserve executable code alongside published articles for future research.

More Features



  • Protect researchers and their work on a secure cloud platform with institution-specific credentials;

  • Keep capsules private on an individual, team, or departmental level.



  • Allocate compute capsule quotas at the lab and user level as individual and team needs shift for increased flexibility and easier budgeting and planning;

  • Predict usage with detailed reporting that provides insights on individual and aggregated usage patterns, quotas, and shared compute resources.



  • Retain final compute capsules alongside published articles to provide working archives of code and data;

  • Showcase researchers’ work within institutional repositories with ongoing API support that allows easy setup and maintenance as code.

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