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Published Algorithms

Use the Explore page (accessible through the top navigation bar) to browse through algorithms published on Code Ocean. You can view and run the code, as well as make changes - don't worry, your changes will be kept private and won't affect the published version.

Reverting Your Changes

Any changes you make to a published algorithm will not affect the published version. You can revert any modified file back to its original published version by selecting Revert from its Action menu. You can also revert all files (code and data) back to their original version by selecting Revert from More Actions algorithm-level menu. Your results will not by affected when you revert your changes.

Sharing an Algorithm

Sharing any published algorithm is easy. Click the Share icon to view the different options: copy a link, send an email, embed into any webpage, or share it on social networks (Facebook, Twitter or Research Gate).

Duplicating an Algorithm

Duplicating an algorithm allows you to create a copy of an algorithm while keeping the original unchanged. To duplicate an algorithm, select Duplicate from the algorithm More Actions menu.

A copy of the algorithm will open and be automatically added to your dashboard.