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Invite Collaborators

You can add collaborators to your algorithm and control using the Collaborate tab. To add a collaborator, simply put in their email address, select their level of access (edit or view-only), and click Add Collaborator.

Your collaborator will receive an email letting them know they've been added as collaborator, and the algorithm will automatically be added to their dashboard. 

If your collaborator does not have a Code Ocean account the notification email will invite them to create one.

Collaborating with Others

All collaborators on an algorithm can view the code simultaneously, but only one person can edit it at any given time. When someone is editing the algorithm, all other collaborators will see the algorithm in read-only mode, as indicated by the red collaboration control button.

To start editing, click the collaboration control button to take edit control. When you're done, click the button again to release control and let your collaborators know they're welcome to start editing.