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Collaboration between biotech teams made more efficient.

Code Ocean combines code and data in a reproducible way. We empower bioinformaticians and biologists to increase transparency into the algorithms used for analysis alongside the data, with a chronological record of how the work was developed. This improves visibility and comprehension when viewing results across teams, departments, and partner organizations.
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With Code Ocean you can

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  • Access all the tools needed to create, run, and analyze computational code and data; 

  • Choose from a wide variety of languages and environments when working with code and data. 



  • Experiment with code in real time within an interactive environment of your choosing, with a timeline of version history for other team members; 

  • Collaborate with colleagues near and far in private groups with the ability to export executable code and data for use in other applications.  



  • Protect valuable work on a secure platform or in your private cloud account with detailed reporting to provide insight into individual and team usage patterns, quotas, and resourcing needs;

  • Retain a complete history and executable copy of all code and data for future work. 

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